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Latest thinking

The Hogan Lovells Brexometer

22 March 2017

The Hogan Lovells Brexometer survey, in conjunction with Oxford Economics, measures the sentiment of business leaders across the world on the impact of Brexit. 

How are global business leaders preparing for Brexit? Do they anticipate profitability being affected, and, if they do, in what way? And do they feel confident about the impending negotiations? While we found a lot of uncertainty, the survey also revealed clear evidence that active engagement with Brexit creates its own confidence. Companies that are proactive, prepared and have already started planning are markedly more upbeat than those who have so far faced Brexit more passively.

Other key findings include:

  • A large majority expect Brexit to impact profits negatively.
  • Uncertainty and nervousness is likely to play into short-term behavior.
  • The outcome of negotiations will have a significant effect on business investment decisions in the medium term.
  • So far there is limited confidence in the likely outcome, particularly on the UK side.

This report summarizes the hopes and fears of major businesses as they look ahead to what is likely to be two years or more of very tense negotiation. We understand that as negotiations progress, and as Brexit fantasies become Brexit realities, business strategies will change and expected (and unexpected) impacts will emerge. This survey does not intend to predict the future; rather it seeks to establish the present.

Read the full report here