Navigating the Negotiations - A Practical Roadmap

While the fallout from the result of the UK General Election continues, the Brexit process itself is due to enter a new phase, with formal negotiations between the UK and the EU scheduled to begin during the week commencing 19 June.

Whilst those negotiations remain uncertain (and the Election result will inevitably raise new questions as to the UK's negotiating strategy), the process is at least as important as the ultimate outcome.  The process will determine whether business is able to plan ahead or is left uncertain up to the last minute and faces sudden, unpredictable, changes.

From a practical perspective, understanding the process is therefore key to managing Brexit business risk.

"Brexit – a Practical Roadmap" is the essential companion to the journey. 

The roadmap will help you answer the key questions:

  • What should you do now (and what should wait)? 
  • What are the key events and when are they likely to happen?
  • How should you plan for the next 2 years?

A supplement to "Brexit – a Practical Response Strategy", our Practical Roadmap analyses the three main potential models for the Brexit process: the Glide Path, the Cliff Hanger and the Cliff Edge.

Prepared by our Brexit team in London and Brussels, it dissects the process – distilling legal issues from political rhetoric.

Informed by our experience and widespread discussions with businesses and governments, it provides a framework to analyse the issues your business faces in the context of the Brexit process.

No one can tell you the precise Brexit destination but our Practical Roadmap is your guide for the journey. 




Brexit toolkit

Following the EU referendum in the UK, businesses around the world are assessing what impact Brexit could have on their operations and relationships in the UK, the EU, and internationally.

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