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Brexit webinar: Trade, contracts, and financial services

With last night's announcement of another Brexit extension until 31st October, what does this mean in reality? What are the key dates to now have in mind? And how does this impact your Brexit preparedness?  

Our webinar considers this and practical measures to help your business continue its Brexit preparations, in particular in the areas of Trade, Contracts and Financial Services.

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Brexit and ePrivacy on the IAPP Podcast

Eduardo Ustaran, Hogan Lovells' Data Privacy Partner, was featured as one of the speakers on the IAPP’s Privacy Advisor Podcast to discuss the latest developments on Brexit—including various potential outcomes—and how companies doing business in the United Kingdom are looking ahead to prepare post-Brexit privacy and data protection compliance practices.

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Brexit Surgery - Preparing Financial Institutions for "no deal"

On Thursday 4 April, to help our financial institutions clients in the EU or UK prepare for the significant possibility of a hard Brexit on 12 April, we presented a webinar, following client events across Europe, to consider what happens if the UK leaves with no deal.

With colleagues from across the EU and UK we looked at how governments and regulators in the EU, Italy, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and the UK are trying to soften the effects through Brexit exemptions.

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Brexit Surgery

On Monday 25 March, as the Prime Minster addressed MPs, we held an online Brexit Surgery answering your questions about the latest developments live on the line.

With time ticking, and with the UK's increasingly unpredictable politics, the challenge for businesses is how to be prepared for the worst while keeping open options if an orderly route out of the uncertainty can be found.

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City & Financial's UK Financial Services BREXIT and Beyond Summit

Hogan Lovells partner Rachel Kent will be speaking alongside leading figures including Catherine McGuinness, Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee, City of London Corporation, Miles Celic, Chief Executive of TheCityUK and Stephen Jones, Chief Executive of UK Finance.

Key themes in the programme include, regulatory cooperation in Europe post-BREXIT, visions for the future – identifying and trading with next generation growth markets and contract continuity.

Event: Sweet transition for hard Brexit – Preparing Financial Institutions in the EU

To help our financial institutions clients in the EU prepare for the significant possibility of a hard Brexit on 29 March, we are presenting a series of seminars and roundtables to consider what happens if the UK (i) leaves with no deal, or (ii) closes a deal in principle, but all legislation is not in place on Brexit day. With colleagues from across the EU and UK we will be looking at how governments and regulators in the EU, Italy, France, Germany, Luxemburg and the UK are trying to soften the hard Brexit effects.

Brexit Webinar: Three votes down, where do we go?

In our webinar, we took stock of all the activity in Parliament and updating you on the position with two weeks to Brexit day on 29 March.

Our team looked at the legal mechanisms for the possible scenarios ahead. Pete McManus from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) joined us to share the view from industry. And our Data Protection lawyers provided an update on issues relating to handling data, which cuts across all industries.

Webinar: Since EU been gone - How tech and IoT product companies can be Brexit-ready

There are fewer than 35 days until the United Kingdom leaves the European Union – is your company prepared for a no-deal scenario?

Hogan Lovells and techUK are hosting a webinar to look at what final steps tech and Internet of Things (IoT) product companies should do (and what others have been doing) to get Brexit-ready. Speakers will include Hogan Lovells, techUK, Google, AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe, and a government representative.

Webinar: Brexit, what do EU think?

With just over a month to go until Brexit, a deal remains elusive. Despite moves in the UK Parliament to avoid a no-deal Brexit, that remains the default outcome unless a deal or an extension is agreed with the EU and approved by Parliament. Our webinar will be presented by our colleagues in various EU27 countries. They will be providing insights on how government and industry is preparing in their jurisdictions. We will also shine a spotlight on the recent case of Canary Wharf (BP4) T1 Limited and others v European Medicines Agency.

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Webinar: The impact of Brexit on the pharmaceutical and medical device industries

Our European Life Sciences Regulatory team has been examining the potential consequences of Brexit for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries since before the results of the referendum were known. We have been working diligently with our clients and experts in other fields to compile a global view of the risks and opportunities that Brexit will present.

Webinar: Brexit - what happens next?

The last week of January 2019 was a big week for Brexit. During this webinar we took stock and examined what the week's developments would mean for the process and for your business. We focused in on the mechanics of what happens next and the practical measures which can help your business adapt to the known unknowns ahead.

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Innovate Finance Webinar: Preparing For Brexit

FIS Partner Rachel Kent participated, alongside HM Treasury and the FCA, in an Innovate Finance Brexit webinar to help FinTech entrepreneurs and innovators navigate the UK’s exit from the European Union.


David Raw, Deputy Director of Banking and Credit, HM Treasury

Anna Wallace, Head of Innovate, Financial Conduct Authority

Rachel Kent, Partner & Head of Financial Institutions, Hogan Lovells